The Beginning of Rockstar…

— By: Alvin Chan —

This week, we decided to take continue talking about the idea of our food website. As college students ourselves, we often eat out too much and spend a lot of money. Even if we have some ingredients in our house, we never know what to cook. The basic idea we have is to create a website that allows a student to list all the ingredients in their kitchen, and will be given a possible list of recipes and dishes that they can make. We feel that this is a great idea for college students because most of them don’t really know how to cook. This can also encourage them to cook at home more and save money, while feeling confident that they can cook by following a recipe.

Another good part of this week was dedicated to creating a logo for our group, Rockstar. Each individual member had their own style of creating a way they envisioned the logo to be, and we gave each other constructive criticism. Each member created around 5–6 different logos. To make sure every group in the member was involved in this process, we later voted by allowing each member to choose their favorite logos from another member and then work on a rotation. This worked extremely well as no one felt left out.

Even though we are set on our current food website, our group is making sure to remain open-minded to new or current ideas that we have. We want to keep our minds busy and not find comfort this early in the process. Our group has been working together effectively and we plan to carry this on in the next few weeks.

Product Designer 🖊️ Writing is an outlet for me to learn new topics, share ideas and improve as a creative.

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